Custom Order Showcase

Few things bring me greater joy than when someone approaches me with a photo or idea and asks me to create it for them.  I don't have photos of ALL of the work I've done, but here is a gallery of some of my favorites.  Click on the images to read what the customer had requested. 



Art On Demand - the process

Looking to re-create something you see up there?

Have a request of your own?  Let's work together to make your vision come to life!

> Submit as much information as possible through email.  Please include:

  • Customer Name

  • Contact number & email

  • Desired completion date

  • Surface -

    • Canvas​

    • Wood

    • Banner Paper

    • Watercolor paper

    • Other

    • No Preference

  • Media -

    • paint (acrylic/watercolor/oil/no preference)

    • melted crayon​​

    • Sharpie/marker

    • Other

    • No preference

  • Description of desired artwork  - examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Quote, scripture, lettering​

    • Abstract 

    • Painting of a photo (please include photo)

    • Re-creation of another piece

    • Theme

  • Desired size

  • Quantity

  • Color scheme

  • Personalization

  • Personal budget (if this is priority)

  • Any additional details

>You will receive a response within 24-48 hours with any additional questions I may have.  

>If I am able to complete your order, you will receive a price quote* within 72 hours.  The price quote is pending approval and subject to change (based on cost of materials).  Prices WILL NOT INCREASE WITHOUT CUSTOMER APPROVAL.  A rough draft of the order MAY be included with quote, if necessary.

*Price quote does not include tax, shipping or delivery fees.  These will be added to final invoice.

>Once price quote is approved, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before creating begins.

>Customer will receive updates throughout the creation process.  A photograph of the finished product will be sent for final approval before pickup/delivery/shipping.

>The remaining balance must be paid at the time of shipping or receipt of order.  

I look forward to working with you!



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