Remember when there was a peachy-white crayon named "flesh?"


We've come a long way, but equality is still not a reality.  The most confident, independent, brilliant, strong black women I know have told me about their journey to self-discovery and their battles with self-confidence.  Coming from someone who is lacking in the melanin-department, this continues to astound me.  I long for a day when differences are celebrated and the infinite variety of skin tones are seen as the wonder they are.  


I don't know about you, but the way I see it, only God can dream up the palette of hues he has used for human skin.  I find it painfully beautiful in a way that I cannot begin to do justice to.  But I'll try.

  • About this piece

    Broken, melted crayons on 11x14" stretch canvas, sealed to protect and preserve art.


    Pre-made pieces are 100% satisfaction-guaranteed.  If you are not in love with this purchase, you may return (in the same condition) within 60 days for a full refund. 


    Here's what's funny about shipping.  I am currently so spoiled that when I am asked to pay for shipping, I am almost offended! 


    A service is literally bringing something I want TO MY DOORSTEP from somewhere across the country.  And I don't believe I should have to pay for such a service. #firstworldproblems


    The reality is, I'm not amazon.  Shipping is costly for the little guys.  But I will do my very best to make sure you pay as little as possible!

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